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Hardware, Embedded Systems NVIDIA's aspirations to enter the general purpose processor market may never have been clearly spelled out by the company before, but it was getting more and more obvious as each week passed by. Now, it's pretty much official: NVIDIA says it's not a question of "if", but "when".
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RE: A Sure Path to Failure
by poundsmack on Wed 4th Mar 2009 22:28 UTC in reply to "A Sure Path to Failure"
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i am not sure what you mean about last generation. are you reffering to the archetecture of x86? we all know thats not the best it could be, BUT its whats out there and if they wan to enter the market thats what they are going to do.

Power: no chance
ARM: maybe but terribly unlikely due to not being able to run and form of windows (CE excluded)
MIPS: hahahaha
SPARC: That would be sooo cool, but totaly useless for teh consumer (though a totally open archetecture so no liecencing)
IA64: it suports windows, just imagine. "Now you can play games with the 8 other hobbiests who have itanuim machines" (though in all fairness mine runs OpenVMS and windows server 2008 like a champ).
___________(insert other not going ot happen CPU here)

x86-64 is the best bet. and while its not the best, its cheap and it meets the users needs.

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RE[2]: A Sure Path to Failure
by Zbigniew on Wed 4th Mar 2009 22:50 in reply to "RE: A Sure Path to Failure"
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> MIPS: hahahaha

Why "hahahaha"? Try to google a bit for a term "Loongson"...

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yes and its an ok proc (i am looking forward to 3 with has some x86 instruction sets) There are a for other MIPS procs that I like, but aside from a very nitch embeded market (and the once mighty IRIX) MIPS is useless to the desktop user. Unless SGI comes back full glory, and even they went IA64

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RE[2]: A Sure Path to Failure
by Downix on Thu 5th Mar 2009 01:50 in reply to "RE: A Sure Path to Failure"
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Incidentally, with you on SPARC there, would be nice. I'm working on the T2 to see about mating it up to a HT + DDR2 bus so as to give a variety of chipset options. A pipedream, I know, but yes, the dream is there.

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