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Internet Explorer Details are scarce at the moment, but testers familiar with the recently leaked Windows 7 build 7048 confirm that Internet Explorer 8 is now an optional component in Windows 7. This is most likely a direct consequence of the EU investigation into the bundling of IE. Still, a few questions remain.
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RE[2]: Windows 98
by bornagainenguin on Wed 4th Mar 2009 22:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Windows 98"
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Hiev misspoke...

In 1998 nobody really wanted to remove a web browser.

Please tell that to all the users of ieradicator, an inf script that allowed users to decouple IE from their Win95C inTell that to Shane Brooks whose built quite a pile of money off doing so with a tiny utility you might have heard of called "98Lite" which allowed for this functionality. You might also want to talk to some of the people in the then hopping shell replacement scene who were very much unhappy with the bloat that is and was having IE installed on their systems.

You may also wish to look into the old "Revenge of Mozilla" which allowed users to rip out IE and use Mozilla instead, although that may have come on the scene later...


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