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Hardware, Embedded Systems To add to the amounting anecdotes of late, another Acer Aspire One review appears. Not to be confused with Thom's or Eugenia's, which were different models, this review concentrates on the ZG5 version of the Acer Aspire One and how well Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu 8.10, and Moblin 2 run on it, particularly in the everyday-netbooker's sense of functionality with word processing and Internet applications. Read on to get the full scoop on the One and these selected systems.
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RE[2]: Aspire One and Ubuntu 8.10
by Rugxulo on Thu 5th Mar 2009 03:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Aspire One and Ubuntu 8.10"
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Here's the actual thread about the wifi problem and the solution found DAYS after I had the problem (I was vacating in Europe at the time, this situation left me without internet for days):

Basically, this is a situation where the ubuntu guys changed how things worked, and not only did not document that, but they left in the scripts that everyone thinks that they need tweaking (even if they never run anymore), adding to the confusion. In other words: an undocumented mess.

This is why my next netbook will run Vista instead.

I didn't think Vista was even offered or able to run on any netbooks, only XP or Win7.

Anyways, speaking as a Vista / Broadcom user who has no clue about networking, my wireless has not worked so well at all (much much longer than a few days). I'm now on a long extension cord from the router in the other room. I don't know what's to blame: misconfigured settings, bad driver, wonky wifi card, router issues, OS, external interference (cell phones? microwaves?), or just the devil himself. :-P

The main problem is that GNU Linux distros are way way too network oriented, so everything is centered around that instead of providing a decent suite of software out of the box. Oh, and lacking some wireless drivers (licenses?). Or only working with hacks via wired connection first. Ugh, I wish there were better wireless standards. I wonder what Bill Gates and Linus themselves use (I want one of those, probably works well).

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