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Windows For Windows 7, Microsoft has made some changes to User Account Control to counter the criticism that UAC was too intrusive. It didn't take long before several holes were poked in Windows 7's default UAC settings, and now one is left to wonder: is it wise to sacrifice security for (perceived?) usability? Ars has an editorial that deals with this question.
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RE: That's just crazy talk - ActiveX
by jabbotts on Thu 5th Mar 2009 16:14 UTC in reply to "That's just crazy talk"
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Flashplayer ActiveX plugin will require a reboot becuse it touches IE which forces itself to be deep-throated by the kernel.

Flashplayer plugin standard did not require any reboot when I updated it yesterday. Of course, this is the FF plugin and FF is not bound to the kernel in such an intimate way.

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That's BS and you know it. IE is a program that ships with Windows, just like calc.exe. I dare you to say that calc.exe is integrated with the kernel :-p.

The reason Flash wants a reboot is that it needs to replace previous binaries which may be in use by some running instance of IE. The installer could just ask you to shut down all instances of IE before running, but they took the easier engineering approach of just saying restart the machine (the new files are copied over the old files when the machine next boots).

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I can uninstall Calc.exe.. let me know when you can uninstall IE and when the rest of the Windows widget set stops being based so directly on it.

Why is IE locking files when I don't have it open or a network session active? Why does it allow update requests to reboot the entire system if it can simply restart the IE session? Why is the update process not properly controlled so that third party developers have to write there plugins to update without a restart? And, if they did so, would it be for all developers or only the non-Microsoft developers as they've done with UAC?

Adobe can't be responsible for all the blame. It only seems to be the ActiveX plugin that requires a restart; the other Flash player plugins simply restarted the browser session and restored the page tabs that where open.

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