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Windows For Windows 7, Microsoft has made some changes to User Account Control to counter the criticism that UAC was too intrusive. It didn't take long before several holes were poked in Windows 7's default UAC settings, and now one is left to wonder: is it wise to sacrifice security for (perceived?) usability? Ars has an editorial that deals with this question.
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RE[2]: Run as...
by darknexus on Thu 5th Mar 2009 19:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Run as..."
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The point being this should be the default behavior, not that you can't set it up this way. How many "Joe Users" do you know who know how to do this, or care? Security needs to be imposed on Windows users at this point, not be made optional for them, and the ok or continue button does not count, as it quickly becomes a reflex to just click it regardless of the reason why.

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