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ReactOS The ReactOS team has just put out its latest newsletter, and it contains some interesting information on the progress being made. However, it also provides some definitive insight into what, exactly, the project is trying to recreate - a topic of some confusion.
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"Tagets" hu? that is confusing ;)
by poundsmack on Thu 5th Mar 2009 21:00 UTC
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i agree with them that the 2003 kernel is the best choice for a solid base it seems odd to go after a moving target of vista, then 7 and so fourth. reproduce windsows server 2003 r2 and you are gold. thats one solid OS, even the linux evangelists have to give some credit where credit is due.

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if i could laugh harder...

Lets target server 2003... because we got win98 soo 100% right.. and nt4... and win2k.. what a joke.

what makes you think they will get anything CLOSE to resembling 2k3r2.. shesh.

As much as I hate to agree with you, I think you're right. ReactOS has always been pre pre pre pre pre alpha software in spite of the impressive strides it has made. When it began, it aimed for Windows 98 compatibility, and then eventually NT 4.x/5.x compatibility, and now Vista and Server 2003? Next year we'll be hearing how they're aiming for Windows 7 (and it's companion server) compatibility. I'd urge the ReactOS folks to produce a really good, free Windows 2000 clone (with modern theming and hardware support of course.) Since that was the best OS to emerge from Redmond IMHO, it's a good place to start.

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ReactOS *never* targeted Windows 98. ROS was always about NT. There were other projects that came before ROS. They targeted Win9x. There were so many projects,sometimes different projects even used the same names. I think I even still have the source code of OpenWindows (not the UNIX DE with the same name) on some old CD-R. Other projects that were once started but never went anywhere were called FreeWin and Freedows.

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Lets target server 2003... because we got win98 soo 100% right.. and nt4... and win2k..

Fair is fair. Let's HOPE they can achieve their goals. It won't be easy though...

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One word about xp/2003 ... bad threading.
No condition variables implemented until Vista.

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