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Linux Yes, it's apparently another netbook today on OSNews. Netbooks were supposed to become the major foot in the door, but as soon as Microsoft got off its fat bum and started offering Windows XP to netbook OEMs, the popularity among OEMs of Linux has dwindled; when the netbook surge started, Linux was the operating system of choice among OEMs, but now, the Windows version comes first, and the Linux version later - if at all. Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin basically tells OEMs: "Yer doing it wrong".
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The next step would be more power-efficient non-x86 netbooks, let's see if Windows can follow there...

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Sure it can!
1.) Start a massive campaign about how ARM notebooks won't be able to run your favorite programs
2.) Work furiously on Windows Mobile until it's great.
3.) Stop the campaign, start pushing Windows Mobile
4.) Profit!

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And Windows Mobile will be able to run most people's favorite programs?

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Yes, the Chinese has made it.

It is based on their loongson chip, and runs Debian. I am going to China to pick up one this Sep. :-)

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