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Apple The usually already overactive Apple rumour mill has been spinning like crazy the past few days due to rumours about apple possibly entering the netbook market. The rumours are vague and not exactly definitive, but that doesn't mean mulling a possible apple netbook isn't interesting. If the Cupertino company built a netbook, what would it look like?
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by bousozoku on Wed 11th Mar 2009 05:58 UTC in reply to "Comment by yokem55"
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My bet is that Apple, having gotten hooked on the money that their AT&T revue sharing agreement makes an ARM tablet, basically a larger iphone (maybe an 8" screen?), that AT&T sells at $499 with a $40/month data plan.

I would believe a tablet like that would be their choice, but without inbuilt phone support, more like an iPod touch. The operating system would have to be a more typical Mac OS X installation, though still limited.

The trouble is whether the touch screen itself would be too expensive for the whole thing to be available at a reasonable (for Apple or otherwise) price.

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