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Linux The first snapshot release of Komodo, a next-generation Linux/.NET-based operating system, is now available. "A new desktop environment codenamed Dagon is now being developed with [D-Bus, Composite, Linux 2.6] to bring a new face of Linux to users. The environment is being developed around the Emotion graphics/UI toolkit to best make use of these new display and communication technologies as well as to provide a solid and useable interface for casual users." Get the latest snapshots from their FTP servers. Read more information for developers, users and enterprise users.
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RE: Another infection
by on Fri 23rd Sep 2005 11:33 UTC in reply to "Another infection"

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1) Because Vista hasn't been released yet
2) And when it will be it won't be free (as in freedom)
3) Vista is bloated already now
4) #2 means you can't really modify the system (no choice of freedom - which is utterly unacceptable, and very anti-MS if you look at the early MS-days)

You can surely come up with many other reasons not to use Vista ;)

kristian AT herkild DOT dk

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