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In the News In a move that would certainly shake up the computer industry quite a bit, IBM is reportedly in talks with Sun Microsystems about the possibility of IBM acquiring Sun. Sun is going through hard times at the moment, and has been actively looking for someone to be acquired by.
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why not?
by collinm on Wed 18th Mar 2009 12:47 UTC
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if ibm buy sun, surely it will kill sparc and solaris

ibm could take some idea of the sparc architecture and put it in the powerpc.... same thing for solaris

great buy for ibm, i think

also ibm get java, netbeans...

i hope ibm would not kill netbeans...

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RE: why not?
by Treza on Wed 18th Mar 2009 13:28 in reply to "why not?"
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I really hope they won't kill the Sparc.

SUN is doing interesting things in the Rock Sparc, in openSourced many cores/many threads T1 & T2 Niagara chips, far more orignal than the brute-force 5GHz in-order POWER6.

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RE[2]: why not?
by bryanv on Wed 18th Mar 2009 14:40 in reply to "RE: why not?"
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NO Value in Java.

It's a loss-leader. They spend a lot of money keeping that software up to date for what kind of revenue?

I highly doubt that the licensing and branding revenue offsets the development costs. Highly Doubt it.

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RE[2]: why not?
by collinm on Wed 18th Mar 2009 14:55 in reply to "RE: why not?"
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some sparc processor is gpl now... but now body have used the information to build and sell some cpu...

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