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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The wraps have been taken off of new Palm PDAs. The most notable one is the new Treo 700w: a 1.0 megapixel camera, EV-DO, Bluetooth, 64MB of memory, and, most notably, Windows Mobile 5.0. A new Zire (Z22) and Tungsten (TX) have also been revealed.
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What options do we have for Mobile OS?
by on Fri 23rd Sep 2005 15:05 UTC

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This is becoming a concern. I don't own a PDA, the nearest thing to one that I have is a SonyEricsson T610 phone

It seems that nowadays the only choices are Windows and Palm - and Palm's new OS isn't even shipped on most Palm-esque devices if I remember rightly. Psion is long-gone, and Windows is everywhere.

I don't want a Windows PDA which will force me to use Outlook to sync my mail, I'd like something which plays well with my Mac as well as my XP desktop. Unless the rare linux PDAs can do this, it looks like I'm stuffed

Also, whats with only 64mb of RAM? my Thunderbird email message folders in MBX format total over 200mb, I'd want to carry them and selected documents around with me.

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