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OSNews, Generic OSes Recently we've had a couple of articles and discussions on OSNews about browser statistics. Every now and then someone in the comments will ask what OSNews statitstics are like, and what browsers and operating systems our readers are running. Well, recently we installed a fancy new web site analytics program, Mint. I figured I might as well put it to good use by showing some of the browser and platform statistics we've gathered over the past month.
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by sirhalos on Fri 20th Mar 2009 20:53 UTC
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You are forgetting and not factoring in that a lot of us read OSNews at work. Normal people read Fox News, CNN, etc at the beginning of their day at work where as 'we' read OSNews instead.

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RE: Work
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 20th Mar 2009 21:01 in reply to "Work"
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You are forgetting and not factoring in that a lot of us read OSNews at work. Normal people read Fox News, CNN, etc at the beginning of their day at work where as 'we' read OSNews instead.


Whether you use it at work or at home, you're still using it. whether you use it by choice or not, you're still using it. Every hit is as valid as another ;) .

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RE[2]: Work
by Kroc on Fri 20th Mar 2009 21:08 in reply to "RE: Work"
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I think he’s just trying to hint that maybe IE6/Windows usage would be noticably lower if it were not for the “work” factor ;)

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RE[2]: Work
by Ben Jao Ming on Fri 20th Mar 2009 21:10 in reply to "RE: Work"
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I think a good point to make, would be that many people don't use their preferred OS or browser at work. I think the stats would be way different, if you could exclude that part.

For instance: Exclude hits from the US in working hours and the hits from Europe in working hours. Can you do that? ;)

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RE[2]: Work
by note_verbale on Fri 20th Mar 2009 21:34 in reply to "RE: Work"
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When I am at work, I am compelled to use Microsoft and Internet Exploder. At home, I am free to use Linux. I will check the osnews site from work on break using Microsoft, but in my heart I am using Linux. So, even though when I get home and I check in using Linux, I still have the stain of having used Microsoft for probably half of my visits to your site.

Would it be possible to factor *my* Microsoft/IE hits to be Linux/Firefox ones? Let's say I average 1 per day - that's 200 per year. After all, if I had a choice, I would have used Linux over Microsoft.

Would that make a difference in the stats? If more of the so-called Microsoft users were like me - using it because we are obliged to at work - would that make a difference?

After all, you are presenting your results to advertisers. I don't want them getting the wrong idea about my computing choices and interests and then making marketing decisions based on that. Just because I use Microsoft half of the time I surf to osnews does not mean I am interested in anything that would pertain to voluntary Microsoft users. I would still be much, much more interested in and likely respond to OSS/Linux related items than in Microsoft ones. However, the stats to not reflect this. Both Microsoft and FLOSS providers may incorrectly choose to either target or avoid me as a result.

To prove the point, this is typed on a laptop that I bought from a Linux-only vendor, in Linux of course. I specifically looked for a provider who offered Linux as a choice, and discounted ones who did not offer Linux or made it difficult to select Linux. Had those latter advertisers thought that my Microsoft-based hits on osnews indicated that I was a potential customer, they were misled. I even researched my choice at lunch times from work, using Microsoft. Taken at face value, that would have seemed to be a contradictory scenario. In the context of my work usage, however, it does make sense.

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RE: Work
by Sabon on Sun 22nd Mar 2009 16:37 in reply to "Work"
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I'm not allowed to hook up my Macs at work but found a work around. I work in Tech Support as a Systems Analyst and we have DSL line in our department so we can test VPN accounts which has a wireless router connected to it. The tech that manages this router was sympathetic and gave me the key so I can wireless connect to it. So my stats are based on my G4 PowerBook which runs Tiger.

I notice that it didn't say anything about Safari 4 beta. I use that but before that I used the nightly builds for Webkit. I don't see that listed either. I guess it counts as Safari.

One thought, how about showing us the stats for domains for our e-mail addresses that we use to register here at OS News. That might give us more of an idea where our loyalties lie. Yes I realize that some people will have comcast or some other cable/dsl company as their e-mail address. Those like me those have an ( - I HATE, it is so stupid. "me me me me me". I really not that into "me".

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