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Legal We always try to avoid politics like the plague here on OSNews, but sometimes, it's hard to avoid it. Take the case of Joel Tenenbaum, who could be liable for over 1 million USD if the Recording Industry Association of America gets its way. While many hoped for a change of pace when it comes to these matters, Barack Obama's Department of Justice has squarely sided with the RIAA.
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But no matter who gets elected in our system, you're simply going to have the same crap repeated daily. Inertia has a power all its own, and short of a massive reform and removal of the current politicians and government structure, it won't change at all.

And who are you going to replace them with? The corruption you see comes from the bottom up, not from the top down. In other words, the people who are crying for change in the corporate world and the white house are the same ones leeching off of their neighbor's wireless internet, and/or (as the topic suggests) online downloading stuff they never paid for.

As I look around and see the people I interract with on a daily basis, it's hard to find anybody who is truly incorruptable, and people just like these will eventually move on to become politicians and CEOs, and the cycle starts all over again.

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