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Linux Linus Torvalds has released Linux 2.6.29. The new features include the inclusion of kernel graphics modesetting, WiMAX and AP wifi support, inclusion of squashfs and a preliminary version of btrfs, a more scalable version of RCU, ecryptfs filename encryption, ext4 no journal mode, support for filesystem freeze and other improvements. Here's a full list of changes.
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by StuffMaster on Tue 24th Mar 2009 15:04 UTC
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Why is this on Page 2? This is OSNews, and Linux is the internet's favorite OS!

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by diegoviola on Tue 24th Mar 2009 15:14 in reply to "Page 2"
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Why is this on Page 2? This is OSNews, and Linux is the internet's favorite OS!

I second that.

They would probably be more happy to put "Windows 7" news on the first page, OSnews sucks now.

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RE[2]: Page 2
by cyclops on Tue 24th Mar 2009 18:37 in reply to "RE: Page 2"
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You have to understand the importance of Windows 7. Ingnoring Revenue because it is a financial success, Vista was a failure, and still is two years on. You have to appreciate the excitement building up to the first release, and the abject Horror that followed its own release.

But since Vista has it been good news! Surface and runner-up in the console race possibly...Office 2007!? Linux becomes viable with a decent and arguably better and Firefox combination, the latest version out next Month. Apple are cutting into Market share, and have the Monopoly on Legal Music downloading...heard anything about the Zune lately...we hear more about Microsoft and its vfat patents...vfat for christsakes used only so its easy to transfer files to their OS from embedded devices, a child of 5 can do it apparently. We have seen them cripple computer gaming on the Microsoft OS, and lose out to some attractive consoles including their own. We have seen their Browser market share continue to be eroded even though IE is bundled, and two new browsers in the fray, just when they buy out half the internet with billions and try to push silverlight down our undesirables, and LAMP is still running the WWW. Its seen the growth of Netbooks a desirable commodity. That has shown that GNU/Linux is a possibly in addition to showing up Vista to be slow and bloated however you argue the point, and kept XP around like a bad smell, and now with Android/Linux and ARM equivalents running on even cheaper devices, a price where windows tax definitely starts to bite, from a company prepared to pay to support their revenue to maintain advertising growth. A company that now has a larger Monopoly on Internet search than Microsoft, and is getting its fingers into to lots of pies. Thats without ignoring exiting happening like their disgusting OOXML, and governments growing teeth to address their anti-capitalist behavior. They not only have found themselves competing on several fronts, but actually losing to themselves. This is by no means an extensive list.

Windows 7 to the faithful, is seen as a Saviour to the Microsoft which is living on its monopoly status. It to all accounts is Vista with optimizations and cloud lock-in in addition to its usual attractive proprietary formats, and de facto standards, activation and DRM, and pushing online know the crippling of the OS that only hurt later. It is right now a marketing success, and Vista already has been through the pain of compatibility/performance problems, and is aiming to limit the damage or remove its netbook/internet/legacy OS/government monopoly problems.

...but it can only happen after new version of Gnome;X;and 2 Linux kernels. The Launch of Android on Netbooks. A renewed Apple Lineup. OpenOffice already hitting 50 Million Downloads being taken over by IBM, with a new version next month, and online Office suites appearing all over the Internet. New fast shiny Browsers everywhere, and a fresh charges from the EU over bundling a browser.

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