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Microsoft After the iPhone's success with the easy installation of applications using the iPhone App Store, more and more companies have tried to implement similar application delivery models in other markets. The most recent example is Microsoft, who has launched a sot of app store for... Open source server software. Yes, you read that right.
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RE[2]: App Store - they "invented" all that?
by jabbotts on Tue 24th Mar 2009 16:45 UTC in reply to "RE: App Store"
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"You are too close minded.
Apple invented the computer, the mouse, the graphical interface, the word processor, the hard drive, the mp3, the phone and the touch-screen, they might as well have invented the application repository.
To convince yourself that they invented it all, you just have to 'Think Different' (TM)"

The computer was invented long before Apple.

I thought the mouse interface was an extension of the lightpen interface out of early warning terminals.

The graphic interface came from the PARC project and Xerox. Or, at least, they implemented the WIMP graphic interface based on previous ideas.

Word processors existed long before apple though the spreadsheet was the first computer application (Ye' Old ENIAC calculating artillery trajectories).

The hard drive storage was not Apple's creation though they chose the better SCSI bus for there machines. Hard drives existed before Lisa though.

The mobile phone and touch screen are not remotely Apple inventions. Multitouch existed long before Apple put it in a phone and Microsoft put it in a table.

The MP3 format is not Apple's either. The early iPods actually defaulted (or iTunes encoding) to a more closed format but the MP1, MP3, MP4 formats where not products of Apple's labs.

I agree that shooting down the MS Appstore idea before seeing how it goes is close minded but if you think all the things you list are Apple's own babies, you might want to read a computer history book and rethink that theory.

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See, Spiderman responding would probably result in pointing out if he was serious or going for humour. Granted, you providing a link to the definition of "irony" without pointing out any context is about as helpful.

So, in your opinion, was Spiderman serious or making a joke that got lost by being presented in a text medium?

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