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Novell and Ximian "Novell today is rolling out the newest edition of its flagship enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 11. The new releases are the first major updates since the SLES and SLED 10 releases in July of 2006. With SLES 11, Novell is also providing a baseline image so software vendors can easily build appliances. The concept is something know as a JeOS (Just enough Operating System) and has been trumpeted by Novell as the future of operating systems."
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Why is this not on the front page?

Which front page?
You mean here ?
I don't know, maybe because Novell and Microsoft didn't release version 3.0 of their patents agreement.
BTW, if you want to run .NET applications I think that Windows is a better option.

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I'm pretty sure he means 'as opposed to Page 2 on OSNews'.

In any case, I don't really know what the answer to that question would be, or even what it could be. Someone, (Thom, I suppose) made a judgment call, and put it on the second page. Perhaps this one is a bit borderline, but even so, who really cares? If you use RSS, like me, you get front page and page 2 news all the same. And you clearly found the article, so it wasn't an impediment in that case.

I suppose I would agree, though, that this article is probably higher in importance than others found on Front page; 25 Years of Mac? Analysts indecisive (over Android)? A review of the IBM x41? A new release of one of the major Linux distros does seem, to me, at least, to be significantly higher in importance.

But then I don't have to make those judgment calls, or listen patiently to my whiny users every time they disagree over such a trivial matter. ;) In other words: Let it go, man. Just let it go...

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Page 1 stories require the submitters/editors to actually write something, and not just copy/paste a blurb from another website.

Page 2 stories are just copy/paste blurbs.

If there's no "Read More" link at the bottom of the blurb, it's not a Page 1 story.

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