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GNU, GPL, Open Source Eric S. Raymond is one of the three big figures in open source, together with Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman. During a talk for the Long Island Linux User Group, he made some interesting statements about the GPL, namely that the GPL is no longer needed due to the way the open source movement works.
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RE[2]: ESR is a libertomoron
by JeffS on Tue 24th Mar 2009 20:10 UTC in reply to "RE: ESR is a libertomoron"
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I know ESR is a gun nut, and a hardcore libertarian, but a racist and a witch?

Any evidence of that?

Anyway, ESR always takes a hardcore libertarian stance. I've seen his blog at his personal website, and he always espouses markets as naturally self-regulating. He even goes so far as saying the current credit/banking crisis is only a natural, temprary blip, and that overall less regulation is better (I disagree, but do think that markets do have some self-regulating qualities, but they require oversight).

So take his blogs/writings/speeches, etc, with a grain of salt.

ESR may not think the GPL is necessary, but for a lot of people (and companies), it is quite useful, if not completely necessary.

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Any evidence of that?

on being a witch:

as for the racism bit, he had a blog post on IQ quoting studies that nobody really takes seriously unless they are a racist

That page quotes the relevent bits, and links to the month it was posted, couldn't be bothered to track down the actual link

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RE[4]: ESR is a libertomoron
by JeffS on Tue 24th Mar 2009 23:43 in reply to "RE[3]: ESR is a libertomoron"
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Good links that prove your points (more or less).

Especially the IQ thing. Only a racist would jump on IQ tests as proof of inferior intelligence of a discriminated minority, conveniently dismissing the influence economic and social conditions can have on said IQ scores.

Thus, ESR, while certainly not the blatent KKK type racist (by any means), appears to be more of a pseudo-intellectual, self describing non-racist, but really a
subtle racist.

The link on the Wiccan thing was interesting. I actually share some of ESR's experience in terms of scepticism for religious dogma, or organized religion in general, and finding some Eastern mysticism somewhat sensibile. But I certainly don't share this wiccan thing.

So, okay, ESR is a Witch (self described, card carrying), and a (subtle, but actual) racist (that he won't admit to others or himself). Add to that gun nut, and hardcore libertarian, and open source advocate.

But one things for sure - he is interesting.

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