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Mac OS X The omnipresent "people familiar with the matter" have told AppleInsider that Apple's upcoming Snow Leopard operating system will have more to show for itself than "just" under-the-hood changes and improvements. Apparently, Apple is preparing an updated theme for Snow Leopard, to replace the Aqua one.
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I like old Aqua thema
by kloty on Wed 25th Mar 2009 22:36 UTC
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Call me old-fashioned, but after comparing both screenshots I liked the old Aqua-theme much more then the new one. The new theme is too minimalistic, too strict, reminds me too much on work. Aqua is more fancy, looks more funny, just inviting to having joy with the computer.

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RE: I like old Aqua thema
by drewunwired on Wed 25th Mar 2009 23:00 in reply to "I like old Aqua thema"
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Wait... which do you mean by the "new" look? The reason I ask is that the original article was ambiguous to me (I read OS X beta as Snow Leopard beta).

The picture referred to by the "Mac OS X beta" is literally just that... it's the 10.0 public beta. (Thom, can you clarify the original?)

Comparing these two, Aqua is the "new" look.

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RE: I like old Aqua thema
by Ford Prefect on Wed 25th Mar 2009 23:18 in reply to "I like old Aqua thema"
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I somewhat think the same. Good ol' aqua was a relief from the dark grey background computing world. Others followed, putting a softer and lighter color tone to their interfaces. Now Apple is going back to that old dark grey again? No joy at all to look at it.

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