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Windows The Windows 7 beta release is already a few months old now, and Microsoft has already made quite a number of changes to its new windows release after that, as detailed in the Engineering 7 weblog. These changes would make it to the public via the release candidate, but it has always been a bit unclear as to when it would arrive. Thanks to a slip-up, we now know the RC is coming in May.
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RE: A bit too late
by raver31 on Thu 26th Mar 2009 21:21 UTC in reply to "A bit too late"
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Damn! Mandriva will release version 2009.1 just before that! I just can't wait until May. I guess I'll install Mandriva. Close call though. Too bad...

Maybe so, but Ubuntu 'should' release 9.04 before that..... That will the Linux of choice on this machine. Dual booted with XP or course as Win7 has nothing for me.

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