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Windows The Windows 7 beta release is already a few months old now, and Microsoft has already made quite a number of changes to its new windows release after that, as detailed in the Engineering 7 weblog. These changes would make it to the public via the release candidate, but it has always been a bit unclear as to when it would arrive. Thanks to a slip-up, we now know the RC is coming in May.
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I'll use it, if only to see what all the fuss is about. I've been using Linux Mint for so long though. It will be a tough act to follow.

It's really not, just so long as you remember that Windows is like Firefox. Without any addons, it's really nothing exciting. It's only when you start adding stuff to it that it becomes anything special.

But it does come with powersshell, so that's a step in the right direction ;) Scripters might also want to try out AutoIt, and its distant cousin, AutoHotkey.

However, just like Linux, Windows ain't for everyone. For example, if your killer apps consist of a terminal window and a bunch of CLI utils, then you'd just be running Cygwin on top of Windows and a bunch of GNU tools, along with some sweet toppings like perl, which is kind of a waste of your time, since you can do all that on Linux already.

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