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Amiga & AROS Despite the recent emergence of several new ways to actually run AmigaOS 4.0, the supply of machines is still extremely small, and not very future proof. As such, one of the most recurring questions within the Amiga community is why don't they port the darn thing to x86?
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RE: They could ..
by torbenm on Fri 27th Mar 2009 08:25 UTC in reply to "Tehy could .."
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However my opinion is that ARM and especialy MIPS64 are viable alternatives if no new PPC boards come out.

ARM is more realistic than MIPS64, IMO. There is a large choice of processors and boards, and ARM is getting competetive for desktop use (again). And several of the new ARM processors come with integrated graphics processors, which AFAIK MIPS does not.

But I'm sceptical of seeing AmigaOS as a mainstream or even substantial non-mainstream desktop/laptop OS. If it has a future, I think it would be in a dedicated portable game machine like the Pandora. And here ARM is definitely the obvious choice.

AmigaOS' contemporay, RISC OS, eems much more alive than AmigaOS, but even this has little chance of gaining much momentum except in specialist platforms (or, possibly, low-end netbooks).

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