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Legal "Two Middle Americans have sued Acer over its low-cost Aspire notebooks, claiming that the Taiwanese PC giant pre-installed Windows Vista on machines ill-equipped to run Microsoft's latest OS. With a lawsuit filed Wednesday in San Francisco, California, two residents of Fostoria, Ohio seek damages and relief from the world's third-largest computer maker after purchasing a sub-$600 Aspire notebook that included Windows Vista Premium and a gigabyte of shared system and graphics memory."
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RE: Why not 2007?
by darknexus on Sat 28th Mar 2009 00:06 UTC in reply to "Why not 2007?"
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Why didn't anyone sue in 2007 when the first Vista machine shipped, most often with 1GB RAM sometimes with 512MB?

Uh, they did, remember the Vista-capable class action law suit that just recently came to absolutely nothing? The trouble with that legal case was that they directed it at Microsoft, rather than at the OEMs themselves. This looks like a different take on the same concept, only this time these two are going after Acer.
I happen to agree about the consumer doing research. Sadly, it seems most people are content to be complete idiots when they buy an electronic device, and expect to be able to sue for their own foolishness. I hope the judge laughs them out of the court room.

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RE[2]: Why not 2007?
by Jon Dough on Sat 28th Mar 2009 13:25 in reply to "RE: Why not 2007?"
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[...]and expect to be able to sue for their own foolishness.

This is the reality for all sorts of things. Taking responsibility for one's action seems to be a non-starter these days.

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