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Windows In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, Microsoft has finally started to run an ad that's a direct attack against Apple. Previous marketing campaigns by Microsoft have always more or less ignored Apple, but the company's latest commercial is a direct attack on Apple in a place where it should hurt Apple the most: price.
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RE[3]: Hey Lauren
by GCrain on Sat 28th Mar 2009 16:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hey Lauren"
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" Well, it didn't just automagically get there -- you did something stupid.
Not necessarily true. Vundo comes in many forms, one of which is a worm, and usually is delivered with a payload of other crap besides. If it was the worm variant, no one would've had to do anything to let it in, and the only thing that could have kept it out was a tightly locked down firewall--not Windows firewall, which is absolutely worthless, a real one such as Core Force or AVG Personal. Antivirus is generaly useless against Vundo worms, as they come in many revisions and new ones are appearing all the time. " [/q]
Exactly! I have only a few sites that I visit. I didn't open a suspicious email or something stupid. I _think_ I accidentally clicked on ad banner on facebook (using Firefox-never run Explorer), or the cat jumped on my keyboard. Is Windows SO sensitive, that mistyping a webaddress, or mistaken click will hose your system? Apparently, I need even more protection.

The point is if you want a cheap PC with Windows fine, but, it WILL be a constant battle. My up-to-date anti-virus detected it very fast, and TRIED to clean it. I am behind a router firewall. I moved the HD to another computer to try and get rid of it. The DLL is 89k and was replicated ALL over the system. Over 30 instances and counting. The two tools I tried made just for Vundo did not detect it. Yes, I imagine that MacOS will soon be a target and the days are numbered for running without antivirus.

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RE[4]: Hey Lauren
by r_a_trip on Sun 29th Mar 2009 12:18 in reply to "RE[3]: Hey Lauren"
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The point is if you want a cheap PC with Windows fine, but, it WILL be a constant battle.

The operative word here is "Windows". If you get a low cost PC and run something else than Windows, there is no battle.

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