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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Any discussion about GNOME vs. KDE is sure to end in tears. It's basically impossible to discuss which of these two Free desktop environments is better than the other, mostly because they cater to different types of people, with different needs and expectatotions. As such, Bruce Byfield decided to look at the two platforms from a different perspective: if we consider their developmental processes, which of the two is most likely to be more successful in the coming years?
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I am running Jaunty beta and KDE4 is still utterly broken (to the point where I stopped filing bugs.)

LOL...This has happened to me too with other sofware that I prefer not to name.

I won't use KDE anytime soon, I absolutely abhor it, be it the awkward usability issues, the "K" names of applications, the look and feel of it, the mentality of its community...Everything.

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the "K" names of applications

I thought I was the only one who was bothered by this. but I guess I'm not alone.

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Well, at least most of KDE is not named K-something any more. Now we have Plasma (krunner/kdesktop/kpanel), Oxygen, Dolphin (konqueror), Dragon Player (kaffeine), dbus (kparts), Okular (kpdf)...

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I don't believe you at all. You cannot have missed, over the years,the endless whining about names starting with a k (though the whiners are apparently fine with names starting with an i, an x, a g or a w).

It's a hoary, tired trope -- and one without any content to it.

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