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Hardware, Embedded Systems Western Digital, a leading maker of the traditional hard drive, supposedly felt a little out of the loop as they still hadn't really caught on to the solid-state disk bandwagon. Instead of playing a long game of catch-up, they simply forked out $65 million in cold cash and bought the technology they needed in the form of the aptly-named SiliconSystems, Inc. SiliconSystems has been making millions of SSDs for embedded systems for the past several years and will find a nice new home after integrating into the Western Digital Empire, henceforth being known as the "WD Solid-State Storage business unit." Since they're combining forces "immediately," here's to bigger and better SSDs in the near future.
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comment from a WD fanboy
by stabbyjones on Tue 31st Mar 2009 03:00 UTC
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I'm a big fan of WD, bought hundreds of IDE and SATA I/II drives over the years. Got burned by an IBM deathstar and a Seagate barracuda before moving to WD.

Since then, the only drives that have died are the ones i've pulled apart. The WD IDE drive from the first computer i built with my own money as a teen is still running close to a decade later.

Lets hope they can get the same quality into the SSD market.

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RE: comment from a WD fanboy
by darknexus on Tue 31st Mar 2009 14:13 in reply to "comment from a WD fanboy"
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I agree, I've never had anything but great experiences with WD drives no matter which models, and I've used just about all of them at one point or another. I don't buy any other brand of hard drives myself, it's all wd as far as I'm concerned.
Glad to see they'll be getting into the ssd business, but hopefully we get more out of this than wd ssds. We need improved controllers as well, ones that use less power and are designed to have hardware wear-leveling, as ssds if not maintained properly can have a much shorter life span than a traditional hdd.

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RE: comment from a WD fanboy
by segedunum on Thu 2nd Apr 2009 00:12 in reply to "comment from a WD fanboy"
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I can concur there. I've been using some of WD's 'Green' 1TB drives recently, and they've been pretty excellent especially in a RAID array. The only other hard drive manufacturer I have given house room to has been Samsung within desktops, and they've also been pretty good to me over the years.

They've had some crappy models have WD, but less than most.

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