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SGI and IRIX Silicon Graphics Inc., the perma-struggling workstation-turned-server-maker, filed for bankruptcy protection today, and was immediately bought by Rackable Systems. Rackable has signed to take on all of SGI's liabilities. The deal is expected to complete in 60 days. The combined company will target the hyper-competitive market for x86 boxes for cluster and high performance computing, internet and cloud services. "This combination gives us the potential for significant operational synergies, a strong balance sheet, and positions the combined company for long-term growth and profitability," said Rackable CEO Mark Barrenechea.
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A Dead Company
by jrash on Thu 2nd Apr 2009 12:17 UTC
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SGI died because of the following reasons:

1) Everyone who made the company great either left or was laid off.

2) With the exception of a few updates, a new SGI MIPS machine was basically using hardware and software designs from 1996. The latest MIPS R16000 is basically an R10000 (1995) fabbed on a smaller die running at the higher clockrate. Irix has stagnated since 1998.

4) Hey! I have an idea! Lets abandon development on the most advanced UNIX on the planet to work on Linux, that way no one will need to spend $20000 on those expensive UNIX machines!

5) Hey! I have an idea! Let's sell all of our patents to Microsoft so our current CEO will get a nice bonus when he defects!

6) Hey! I have an idea! Lets change our world renowned logo to something a 5-year old made with an old typewriter!

7) Hey! I have an idea! Lets divert all of our engineering teams to develop really expensive proprietary PCs to Run NT, that get the same performance from machines 1/4th their price!

8) Hey! I have an idea! Lets treat SGI hobbyists like dirt! Who cares that most of them are IT professionals who would normally lobby their company or school to buy our products!

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RE: A Dead Company
by Accident on Thu 2nd Apr 2009 21:16 in reply to "A Dead Company"
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9) Hey! Lets hire Mr. Krabs as the CEO, Spongebob Squarepants for Marketing and Patrick Star for R&D!!!

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