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Gnome Only a few days ago, we ran an article on the future of KDE and GNOME, and which of the two had the brighter future based on their developmental processes. Barely has that discussion ended, or the GNOME engineering team comes with a pretty daunting plan to introduce a fairly massive reworking of the GNOME interface for GNOME 3.0 (2.30). Read on for the details.
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Today, despite its 2 major releases KDE 4.2 is still a mess and unusable.

It is not unusable, I'm using it right now. I can write mail in the incredible (and best mail client ever) KMail, I can browse the web with Konqueror, I can chat with Kopete, read PDFs with the magnificient Okular, download movies with the almighty KTorrent, manage files with the fine Dolphin (still I agree with most people that nepomuk doesn't solve any problem, as there's not any problem with files), write some LaTeX with Texmaker, play movies with Dragonplayer (needs more work), etc. It's already usable for a lot of people. Maybe that's a matter of what distro are you using, perhaps your distro is screwed. Mine works fine (arch here).

Still I want KOffice 2 to be in good shape with some Word and Powerpoint support. What else can one ask for?

There's lot of people criticizing Plasma and the new desktop without icons (you can enable icons) and all that shit. People that use gnome and still say KDE offers too little customizability; f--k, you're using gnome, you can't even edit most toolbars! So vote me down for saying this, but if you don't like KDE now, because IT IS INCOMPLETE and IT IS BEING WORKED ON, go use gnome and shut up. Don't just say it's totally unusable.

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It is not about writing mail with KMail - it is about writing mail with KMail without any crash. Ok, I do not know how stable KMail is but the overall stability of the KDE desktop is only comparable to Win98 (unfortunately it is not just a bad joke). It is also about responsiveness: Why must I wait almost a second until KMenu comes up? On Vista the Start menu interacts with the user instantly and without any - the same with GNOME.

Again: I WAS a big fan of KDE for 5 years, but KDE 4 is in my view the biggest disaster in OSS history and only the HURD saga (will be released next year:) can keep up with this disaster.

GNOME could be better in many ways: Almost everything is static here and you can't customize anything, and, and, and. But hey! I get my work done using GNOME. I cannot claim the same about KDE. Basically I use only 3 apps: Eclipse, Firefox and the Terminal. Eclipse and Firefox still look odd under KDE. Ok, GNOME's Terminal is crap but at least it remembers its settings.

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RE: Writing mails wit KMail
by sbenitezb on Thu 2nd Apr 2009 21:35 in reply to "Writing mails wit KMail"
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KMail hasn't crashed to me yet, but I'm not a heavy mail user.
About responsivenes, maybe you need to switch your distribution? My PC specs suck compared to today standards, and KDE reacts quickly most of the time. I've presenced some hangs, mostly in Konqueror with flash plugin. But otherwise the system feels very good.

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I will NEVER EVER(!) forget how KDE has screwed up my Powerpoint presentation because it has not managed to connect to the beamer; and no, X has nothing to do with it. Of course I have tried if the beamer works fine with my notebook setup before (two times!). But as it came to the actual presentation nothing worked. Fortunately I had a good old paper backup of my presentation... But the nicely prepared presentation was screwed up - by KDE!

Again, it wasn't any nerdy tinker game. I was the stuff I do to pay my rent - screwed up by KDE. So long to the reliability of KDE. An now hate me because I don't like you favorite toy!

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I will NEVER EVER(!) forget how KDE has screwed up my Powerpoint presentation because it has not managed to connect to the beamer;

Dude, you're a bona fide troll. Fair enough, connecting to a projector (if that's what you actually mean) is difficult at the best of times, certainly with Linux, but to present yourself as knowledgable enough to know that the fault is somehow with KDE is just trolling. Plain and simple. No matter, it's what we've come to expect over the past few months.

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