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Gnome Only a few days ago, we ran an article on the future of KDE and GNOME, and which of the two had the brighter future based on their developmental processes. Barely has that discussion ended, or the GNOME engineering team comes with a pretty daunting plan to introduce a fairly massive reworking of the GNOME interface for GNOME 3.0 (2.30). Read on for the details.
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Should be a fork
by pooo on Thu 2nd Apr 2009 18:16 UTC
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When doing radical changes like this, why take such a large and dangerous leap? Many new ideas that sound cool in theory just don't work out in practice so why not just create a gnome fork and if it is awesome then it will just take over naturally and if it sucks then it will just die. That way users aren't forced to adopt something that may not work and the transition isn't as violent.

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RE: Should be a fork
by Lobotomik on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 06:17 in reply to "Should be a fork"
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That's just the way it is planned: please, RTFA.

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