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Gnome Only a few days ago, we ran an article on the future of KDE and GNOME, and which of the two had the brighter future based on their developmental processes. Barely has that discussion ended, or the GNOME engineering team comes with a pretty daunting plan to introduce a fairly massive reworking of the GNOME interface for GNOME 3.0 (2.30). Read on for the details.
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So to launch an application you press Activities, the whole screen turns into some sort of dashboard, you click the application and then it morphes back into a normal desktop? If that's true and it's how it's going to be, I can tell you beforehand it is doomed to fail. Too much screen movement will make your eyes hurt. It is really innecessary. It will be another idea dumped into the recycler.

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Yes, I was thinking about that too. In fact, it is not very different from an advanced global menu, such as kickoff or lancelot.

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