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Gnome Only a few days ago, we ran an article on the future of KDE and GNOME, and which of the two had the brighter future based on their developmental processes. Barely has that discussion ended, or the GNOME engineering team comes with a pretty daunting plan to introduce a fairly massive reworking of the GNOME interface for GNOME 3.0 (2.30). Read on for the details.
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It will always remain a mystery to me why something so mundane as plugging in a 2nd monitor is such a big thing for Linux. It's not like we're asking for world peace.

Plugging in a second monitor is common, but not exactly mundane from a technical standpoint. To some extent, I think we are still safe to blame David Dawes for the lost years of development we suffered. Granted, it's been a while since he was ejected from the scene. But there has been a lot of work to do to recover from it.

Of course, there is also the matter of our bizarre focus upon eye candy, to the exclusion of the more practical matters at hand... like plugging in a second monitor. (Does compiz *really* help our desktops significantly?)

But I do think that things are coming together in a "just works" form. It's just been a long, rocky road, full of detours.

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Good point. I really think Compiz is useful (I should write an article on that one of these days *makes note in his E71*), but it is indeed a mystery why something like Compiz works pretty well, but multi-mon support is a bitch.

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