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Gnome Only a few days ago, we ran an article on the future of KDE and GNOME, and which of the two had the brighter future based on their developmental processes. Barely has that discussion ended, or the GNOME engineering team comes with a pretty daunting plan to introduce a fairly massive reworking of the GNOME interface for GNOME 3.0 (2.30). Read on for the details.
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Seriously, what's bad about xorg.conf?

xorg.conf is not bad per se, because you always want to store some settings permanently, but it is unspeakably bad given the use cases we have today of people plugging different monitors, projectors and even TVs in as well as second displays. What gets set in xorg.conf on install cannot be easily and dynamically changed on-the-fly based on what gets plugged in, and if you have a display that is incompatible with what's in there then you that adds up to black screens.

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