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Multimedia, AV "Firefly" is the best Joss Whedon work to date, but I always try to give the benefit of the doubt on new sci-fi shows. So tonight, as I was watching "Dollhouse" on TV with my ex-Be engineer husband, JBQ (currently at Android, along with many other ex-Be engineers), I noticed something familiar at the Dollhouse supervisor's computer screen. It seems that the Dollhouse's business runs on... BeOS. Click in for some snapshots of the scene. Update: mikesum32 tells us that they used a screenshot of BeOS full screen! In the screenshot BeShare and 'Jabber for BeOS' were open. I recognize quite a few names in their lists (some of them are OSNews readers to this day), so congrats for those who made it to... TV!
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by mikesum32 on Sat 4th Apr 2009 07:49 UTC
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If only I hadn't been at work ! I'd have all the glory. Well, I guess I'll always discovered the ones from Journeyman... and that menu ordering system.

And some other ones I haven't mentioned.


Don't most of the shows the icons appear on get canceled ?

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RE: Curses
by BiPolar on Mon 6th Apr 2009 14:05 in reply to "Curses"
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I remember seeing a couple of BeOS (Zeta maybe?) screens in the earlier episodes of "Heroes".

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