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In the News We've been following the recent news about IBM potentially buying Sun, and the internet had more or less accepted that big blue was going to be the new owners of Sun Microsystems. However, the omnipresent "people close to the matter" have told the New York Times that IBM has withdrawn its offer, and that the deal is now off.
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Plus Sun has developed the Most Advanced Enterprise software stack:
J2EE 5:

- Server Side Components
- Distributed Objects
- Asynchronous Messaging
- Web Services
- Persistence
- Security
- Resource Pooling
- Concurrency
- Transactional Integrity

And easy to code, that's the breakthrough.

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Amen to that. People underestimate how powerful and useful the full JEE 5 Stack really is. And with EJB3 and JPA, it became really easy to write code for it, in spite of what the Spring crowd rants about. ;-)

But the good news is, regardless of who acquires Sun (likely IBM or Oracle (Software),HP (Hardware), we're talking about huge vendors that make huge amounts of money with their respective JEE 5 App servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, OAS), so the full JEE 5 stack will around, and continually supported and improved, for a very long time.

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