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Windows Continuing the recently started trend at Microsoft to be a bit more aggressive towards the competition, Brandon LeBlanc wrote on the Windows Experience Weblog about why Windows is such a huge success on netbooks compared to Linux. Also, what is up with that story on AppleInsider about Microsoft offering Windows-7-to-XP downgrade rights? Is that really so special?
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My experience
by XCoder on Tue 7th Apr 2009 13:57 UTC
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I have eee901 with preinstalled Xandaros. It is very fast linux, but the user experience is a nightmare. Very few application - I tired to install apps from Debian repos, but it is caused many dependecy problems, and I really hate the default user eee interface.

I tired the following OS-es:
- Windows XP. Very slooooow.
- Ubuntu (easy-peasy). Relative fast boot time, but I can't switch to 800x600 resolution, the Intel driver ignores the modelines in xorg.conf - all wine games are unuseable.
- Windows7 beta. Very nice, relative fast (~ ubuntu), but I can't found any driver for eee901. The shutdown is very slooooow.
- OpenSuSE 11.1 with KDE4. Slower then ubuntu, but useable. But the KDE4 is a very big sux. Unstable, unconfortable. IMHO it is in pre-alpha state.
- OpenSuSE 11.1 with Gnome. Slower then KDE4, but far more stable and comfortable.

Probabaly I will tired the Win7 beta2 when will be released.

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