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Graphics, User Interfaces Adobe has a promotion that states that if you will attest that you're unemployed, they'll give you a free license to Flex Builder 3 that you can use to burnish your skills.
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RE[3]: A good deal
by Kroc on Wed 8th Apr 2009 16:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A good deal"
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Nail in the coffin? Straw that broke the camel’s back? Hello Mr. Arty Mc.Strawman! How are you today?

As rosy as HTML5 sounds…: ‘I haven’t used it’.

The Silverlight feature set dwarfs the HTML feature set by a considerable amount…: ‘I don’t understand the difference between a structural document markup language, and a media runtime environment’

it's support among browsers still has a long way to go

Oh, notice how Google just released an update to GMail mobile written in HTML5 and using all the advanced features like client-side databases? Firefox 3 usage is greater than IE6, greater than IE7 in Europe. IE can use HTML5 elements using a Javascript shim. Websites are beginning to adopt and use HTML5 now

where something like Silverlight is readily available.

Ho ho ho, I almost thought you were serious there. HTML5 capable engines are available on more platforms than Microsoft have had version of Windows. Windows/Mac/Linux, BeOS even? 32-bit, 64-bit, ARM, PPC, Sparc? Linux support for Silverlight is pants, at best.

I forgot to mention mobile browsers! So how’s silverlight support there? Is that a tumbleweed I see? In the mobile space, HTML5 support is actually greater than on the desktop! There are 10 million+ iPhone users with an fully HTML5 capable browser; whereas the iPhone, will never run Silverlight.

Silverlight is an absolute joy to use: ‘I used Dreamweaver and couldn’t get on with it.’

I'd imagine something like Flex being very similar: ‘I am opposed to the idea of choice when it comes to my development tools.’

I'd say more people gaining more skill is definitely a good thing: ‘Not enough people agree with me’

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RE[4]: A good deal
by Nelson on Wed 8th Apr 2009 19:44 in reply to "RE[3]: A good deal"
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You've got to be kidding me. Try to shove that load of bull down anyone's throat when justifying using HTML5 for RIA.

The feature comparison to Silverlight is a valid one, since your general argument seems to be that HTML5 can be a drop in replacement for something as elegant as Silverlight.

Windows makes up a sizable portion of the desktop market, and so does their browser, the mobile market is largely irrelevant when it comes to the purpose that RIA's serve.

Of course, if finding all sorts of corner cases to inflate HTML5s usage numbers makes you happy, then by all means.

I must say I'm impressed, you're the only person with the ability to bs enough through your teeth to even try to argue about the availability of HTML5.

HTML5 has it's uses, but it's not for the same audience that Silverlight, or even Flex aim at.

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