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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has struck back at claims made by Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc about Windows' success in netbooks compared to Linux. Most of the claims made by LeBlanc are refuted quite accurately by Canonical's Chris Kenyon in a blog post titled "Microsoft, FUD and the netbook market".
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Thu 9th Apr 2009 15:34 UTC
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Just some things that one can think about:

1) The quality of the implementation of Linux is only as good as the amount of effort the OEM is willing to put into it. Nothing has ever stopped an OEM developing a Netbook which uses Intel everything (Processor/Chipset/Wireless/Ethernet/etc) and have a custom image based on Archlinux with a set of predefined packages pre-installed.

When Microsoft talks about Linux versus Windows, I think the managers at Microsoft should realise that the quality out of the outcomes (for either operating system) is only as good as the mount of effort the OEM wishes to put into it. I also hardly think it is the 'Linux communities' fault when OEM's also ship obscure and out of date Linux distributions with their netbooks.

2) It is very difficult to purchase Linux based Netbooks in NZ from a big name retailer; the last time I saw one was from Dick Smiths and the Netbook was not only hugely out of date, the specifications were far lower than the Windows model. This again goes back to the OEM not wanting to do the hard work involved with putting out descent quality product. I'd be quite happy to pay an extra NZ$100 if it meant that I could get a Linux based Netbook which had the same sort of attention that Apple gives to Mac OS X and their hardware.

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