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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has struck back at claims made by Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc about Windows' success in netbooks compared to Linux. Most of the claims made by LeBlanc are refuted quite accurately by Canonical's Chris Kenyon in a blog post titled "Microsoft, FUD and the netbook market".
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RE: Now, be honest, please.
by protoz on Thu 9th Apr 2009 17:10 UTC in reply to "Now, be honest, please."
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Did you even read the article?

The last PC I built was for my brother and as an experiment I installed Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit on it just to see how long he could go before he wanted to go back to Windows. Over a month has gone by and he's never had a better time using a PC.

He plugs in all of his peripherals and they install automatically and work without any user intervention. This includes his video card, sound, printer, cameras, gf's ipod shuffle, his samsung mp3 player, web cam and wireless keyboard/mouse.

Each of those required a driver or software to be downloaded/installed on Windows before they worked properly. So you are correct. Windows has more drivers because they are needed to get peripherals to work correctly.

Ubuntu had everything he needed and a way to keep his music away from his gf's music (He uses Songbird and she uses Rythmbox). He was about to install the camera software for his cameras using wine but, I told him to just plug it in and see what happened first. F-Spot popped up, imported his images and tagged them automatically.

The only thing that hasn't worked was Wheel of Fortune which he bought at Wal-Mart. I could probably get it to work with a little research but he said he never played it before anyhow.

The only reason I still use Windows is for gaming because everything else I use works great on my Ubuntu server I use to play with Ubuntu.

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I'm dubious with such a good hardware support on a computer with Linux (unless you carefully picked your hardware beforehand).

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Really? Why? It's perfectly unexpected these days. Even Wireless support is pretty good these days. I'm using a HP laptop which I bought with Windows Vista pre-installed, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on it as soon as I got it home and it's all working. I didn't even try to be picky about the hardware much as I was confident that it would work.

Look, even Syllable stands a pretty good chance of working on an average PC these days, let alone Linux!

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