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PC-BSD PC-BSD, the desktop-oriented FreeBSD variant, has released version 7.1, dubbed Galileo. In case you don't know, PC-BSD is a FreeBSD distribution with lots of customisations focussed on the desktop user. Its most defining features is the Push Button Installer, a self-contained package format with handy installers/uninstallers. PC-BSD 7.1 comes loaded with changes and updates.
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Great - but still no ATI 3D support?
by orfanum on Fri 10th Apr 2009 17:26 UTC
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I have used PCBSD before, and always found it quick and stable but I wont really be able to see it shine until I change my computer for one with Nvidia or Intel graphics, or ATI drivers are supported for 3D, which I believe they are still not:

PCBSD has been under the wing of, and presumably been given a major boost by, iXsystems fir two-and-a-half years, so why no ramping up to ATI?

I understand ATI/AMD have come late to the game with opening up their graphics drivers but there does not seem to be any planning in the PCBSD team to accommodate ATI developments (but perhaps someone with more facts and knowledge can correct me - I would hope to be).

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You obviously don't realize that PC-BSD doesn't develop their own video drivers.

You want accelerated DRI on PC-BSD with newer ATI cards newer than a Radeon 9200? Go bitch to or ATI. PC-BSD has absolutely nothing to do with that.

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Lets just assume the drivers are there but nobody has PBIed them yet. Will PC-BSD be responsible then? This is just a scenario, I don't know if the drivers are there or not but when I custom built my PC I chose NVIDIA for this very reason (X.ORG) and has never let me down.

Either way, I have confidence in PC-BSD, I know if there are drivers for X, they will be packaged.

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