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Graphics, User Interfaces We've all seen the early demos of something called "BumpTop", a sort of 3D desktop where files are presented as 3D objects with physical properties. Recently, the project moved from concept to product with the release of BumpTop 1.0. The big question now is: are we dealing with the next big thing in desktop computing, or just a gimmick?
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Ridiculous. You assume everyone wants to touch a keyboard. I know plenty of people who hate typing ANYTHING, especially if they have to search for their favorite app. These people love to point and click, not type their way around. This interface makes it even easier for them to use their PC.

Personally, I would jump in joy when the keyboard is dead and voice recognition is smart, accurate & fast enough for real-time input.

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Keyboards are going to be around for awhile. How else am I supposed to look at adult content when my wife/girlfriend/mother is in the other room and can hear me calling out my mature demands? ;)

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