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PC-BSD PC-BSD, the desktop-oriented FreeBSD variant, has released version 7.1, dubbed Galileo. In case you don't know, PC-BSD is a FreeBSD distribution with lots of customisations focussed on the desktop user. Its most defining features is the Push Button Installer, a self-contained package format with handy installers/uninstallers. PC-BSD 7.1 comes loaded with changes and updates.
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RE[4]: Comment by Stephen!
by kryogenix on Sat 11th Apr 2009 07:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Stephen!"
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(Apple users) because their god told them too and Jobs, errr I mean god is apparently infallible in their eyes.

Hmmm.... a decent UNIX with a BSD userland and easy access to a good CLI shell of your choice.... check

a GUI environment that is far more efficient and performs better than X11 especially with modern games..... check

X11 environment for network-transparent or legacy apps..... check

The same GCC toolchain everyone uses..... check

A desktop environment that is well-integrated, friendly, powerful and doesn't feel like it's in perpetual beta..... check

Vendor-supported apps and games from major brands like Adobe, Strata, etc..... check

A price more reasonable than ANY commercial UNIX vendor regardless of intended usage?..... check

Gee, what's not to like? The fact they won't give you Aqua source code you most likely wouldn't be able to interpret or ever really utilize anyway?

Just because it's closed, commercial and won't install without heavy patching on a piece of shit bottom-of-the-barrel Dell celeron-based POS doesn't mean it sucks, grow up.

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RE[5]: Comment by Stephen!
by Greuceanu on Wed 15th Apr 2009 11:52 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Stephen!"
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Ah, I thought you were referring to PCBSD ;)

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