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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, has struck back at claims made by Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc about Windows' success in netbooks compared to Linux. Most of the claims made by LeBlanc are refuted quite accurately by Canonical's Chris Kenyon in a blog post titled "Microsoft, FUD and the netbook market".
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RE: Comment by Liquidator
by zima on Sat 11th Apr 2009 16:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by Liquidator"
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What to say?...You're disconnected from reality...What you present is a perfect world and perfect solutions. The real world is tougher. Should I buy all my equipment again, just for it to work with Linux? To begin with, I don't know a good DVB board. I don't know a good DVB player either (I mean, comparable to DVBViewer).
Yes, I could throw away my equipment and buy everything new, checked by the LinuxQuestions community as Linux-capable, but this is not feasable in real life.

But I'm expected to buy new equipment when moving to Vista/Win7? After all, two soundcards and webcam won't work at all, printer only with basic functions, no good drivers for DSL "modem", GFX card with 2D only drivers.

And all of this works perfectly out of the box with any new Linux...

Only my TV card is fenomenally supported on Vista/ community (DScaler compatible) - and actually, it has the best drivers/software for both Windows and Linux out of all analog TV cards I've seen. So I wouldn't be surprised if the same was true for DVB...

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