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Linux Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at Computer World asks himself when he first started using Linux after attending the Linux Foundation Summit where several others were asked the same question. The Linux Foundation has posted a video of some of the answers; boy, do I feel young.
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Stroll down memory lane....
by kryogenix on Sun 12th Apr 2009 05:01 UTC
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I wanted a UNIX box but couldn't afford SCO UNIX for the PC, A/UX for my mac or a real SunOS machine.

Around 1994 I started playing around with MacMinix 1.5 on a Mac IIfx. Shortly after that I managed to download MINIX 1.7 via a NetCom shell account at 14.4kbps and installed it on a 386DX/40.

Migrated to Slackware Linux on a 486 a few months later and was shocked how powerful it was, complete with X-Windows! Setting up XFree86 with the old Trident ISA video card was a serious pain in the ass in those days.

It was so cool to see a desktop environment similar to SunOS (I ran olvwm, discovered WindowMaker a couple years later) running on a cheap PC. I ruled at XLander!

I got sick of Linux after a few months and in late 95 or 96 I grabbed a 68040-based mac and ran NetBSD/mac68k. Been a die-hard BSD user ever since but I still had a Linux machine around to keep my skills sharp and keep track of where things were heading.

Wanna know something funny? I'm not very old. I'm 27.

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