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Linux Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at Computer World asks himself when he first started using Linux after attending the Linux Foundation Summit where several others were asked the same question. The Linux Foundation has posted a video of some of the answers; boy, do I feel young.
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by nbensa on Sun 12th Apr 2009 15:54 UTC
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The first time I read about Linux was 1999. Debian 2.1 IIRC. I tried to install it, but I never succeed.

Next, during sometime between 2000 and 2001, I tried Red Hat 6.2. The installation was easier, but man, gcc 2.96 was a bitch. I couldn't install KDE 2 from sources, so I recompiled the whole box using gcc 2.95 (also compiled from sources)

Using this "customized" RedHat, I learned postfix, apache, bind, samba, etc. I was very happy with the performance of that poor AMD K6 500MHz computer :-)

On june 2002, I installed Gentoo, on my other boxes that were running Windows 98 ;) I run Linux fulltime since then.

On may 2005, I went back to the source with Debian because of my work.

In November 2006, I got a new job where we have a mixture of Debian servers and Ubuntu workstations.

A few weeks ago, I moved the machines at home from Gentoo to Ubuntu/Kubuntu.

I also have three Linksys routers (2xWRT54GL v1.1, and 1xWRT54G v8), they run DD-WRT of course :-)

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