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Linux Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at Computer World asks himself when he first started using Linux after attending the Linux Foundation Summit where several others were asked the same question. The Linux Foundation has posted a video of some of the answers; boy, do I feel young.
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by DeadFishMan on Mon 13th Apr 2009 15:13 UTC
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My first foray into the Linux world was with Conectiva Linux 2.0 Marumbi which was basically a poorly localized version of RedHat 5.1 (or 5.2, I can't recall) for Brazilian users in February, 1998.

I was lucky to have most of my hardware working when I first installed it and the small bits that did not work up front could have been worked around later, which was surprising considering that I would never have built a PC explicitly to work with anything else other than Windows back at the time - my friends that accidentally introduced me to Linux were not so lucky and decided to put it away and have nothing to do with it (decision that they ended regretting later, as that knowledge would have been useful on certain jobs that they landed on years later...).

I kept with Conectiva for a few years as they really managed to build a community around their product and services and each version was substantially better than the one that came before it. I dunno, it somehow made me proud that the developer of Windowmaker and original main developer of Synaptic - which used the WING toolkit back at the time, not GTK and was originally made to work with apt-rpm for Conectiva - was a fellow Brazilian and Conectiva employee: Alfredo Kojima.

But then, I managed to find a job where RedHat was heavily used as a server and as such I decided to use the real thing on my desktop and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with it.

When RedHat stopped catering to the hobbyist market with RH 9.0, I started doing the distro hoping as everybody else here and used Slackware for a brief time and then Debian, which I still use today as my main OS and can't see myself using anything else now.

My main workhorse no longer has Windows installed, although I still have a Windows XP VM on VirtualBox for those times that you absolutely cannot avoid it - less often these days - and my laptop has Vista Home Basic because it was already there, but I hardly boot it.

My wife likes to use that POS every once in a while but it is funny to see her booting into Sid unwillingly because Vista for some reason sometimes sees everyone else's wireless access point in the building but ours whereas Sid has yet to display such behavior. ^_^

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