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Microsoft With the spotlight on Windows 7, you'd almost forget that there's another product category Microsoft is rather successful in: office suites. Microsoft Office 2007 was a massive change from previous versions, delivering a completely new interface that was genuinely easier to use. Office 2007 will soon be seeing its second service pack (with OpenDocument Format support for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), while the next version of of Office, dubbed Office 2010, will arrive pretty soon as well.
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RE: PDF support
by cmost on Wed 15th Apr 2009 01:54 UTC in reply to "PDF support"
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I wonder if PDF support in Office will make the freely-available Word Viewer a possible alternative to Acrobat and Foxit (And Sumatra, my personal fav on Windows). Word Viewer launches nearly instantly, very much unlike Acrobat, and integrates well with browsers, very much unlike Foxit.

Foxit PDF Reader (my personal fav on Windows) launches almost instantaneously. Also, you might be interested to know that it does indeed have web integration these days. Foxit Reader—the PDF viewer that introduced most of us to the good life sans Adobe's bloated Acrobat Reader—has just updated to version 3.0. Among the handful of new and improved features, the most notable update for Firefox users is support for inline viewing of PDFs using Foxit Reader's new Firefox plug-in. That means that you can quickly view any PDF directly in a Firefox tab when you don't feel like opening a separate app to view a linked PDF (a feature common to Reader but not to Foxit, until now.)

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RE[2]: PDF support
by 1c3d0g on Wed 15th Apr 2009 02:36 in reply to "RE: PDF support"
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I concur. THe only thing missing is Chrome integration, but I guess once a plug-in type system is created for that browser, support should be pretty straightforward.

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