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Bugs & Viruses Whenever the Conficker worm comes up here on OSNews (or any other site for that matter) there are always a number of people who point their fingers towards Redmond, stating that it's their fault Conifcker got out. While Microsoft has had some pretty lax responses to security threats in the past, it handled the whole Conficker thing perfectly, releasing a patch even before Conficker existed, and pushing it through Windows Update. In any case, this made me wonder about Linux distributions and security. What if a big security hole pops up in a Linux distribution - who will the Redmond-finger-pointing people hold responsible?
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The user
by reez on Wed 15th Apr 2009 11:44 UTC
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Basically I would also blame the stupid user, who allows is system to get infected. In fact he is helping these evil worm creators, so he's guilty. If they are not able to secure Windows, they should use something like OpenBSD or an other secure by default. If they use an unsecure and open by default system it is 100% their fault - at least if they are at home and play system administrators. If the owner of a computer running a ddos attack on a system would be guilty for it people would be care about it.

I mean, if I am buying a house without a lock and always open AND I don't fix it and you get robbed people would laugh and no insurance and basically no one would say it is not your fault.

Since computers are more or less optional and some kind luxury, if compared to things like a home one should be made responsible.

The other way would be:
Say computers are computers and everyone is allowed to DDoS everyone, create worms, etc. This would also make people thinking and the would be fewer companies putting sensitive/unsecured data/systems on the net.

IMO both ways would be better, than how it is now. Even if I really don't like MS software and I think security isn't handled very well at Microsoft I would not blame them, as long as their systems are not starting DDoSing or spamming.

oh, to make it clear: On GNU/Linux its also the users/sysadmins fault.

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