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Windows Now that Windows 7 is more or less finalised on the feature side of things, with the release candidate around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to look back upon what we thought Windows 7 would be - and what we actually hoped Windows 7 would be. So, I dove into our article and comment archive to see how many of our hopes, dreams, and predictions came true.
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RE[3]: If Microsoft is lucky
by darknexus on Thu 16th Apr 2009 02:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: If Microsoft is lucky"
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Actually, 98 was pretty awful. 98SE, on the other hand, was certainly the best of the 9x series, though honestly at least for me that's not saying much. Best of 9x was still pretty bad by comparison to NT or *NIX.
I've been playing with 7, and while I like the stability, I just don't care for some of the new interface. I didn't like it in Vista, and the same things bother me in 7. For example, does the control panel really need to be so convoluted? It reminds me of one of those old choose your own adventure RPGs, there's so many layers to it. Plus the keyboard navigation of that control panel is god awful compared to that in XP or the control centers in OS X or GNOME. Does the start menu really need a search box at the top? Seriously? Try getting used to that if you're a power keyboard navigator that used to hit windows, p to get into your programs. Ugh.
Most of my gripes about the interface are from a keyboard power user's perspective, so I know they probably won't apply to the average home user. Still, that's my opinion on it, and it's enough of an annoyance that I probably won't end up using Windows 7 as my primary os. I'm faster using the keyboard... but not when the os seems to go out of its way to make that needlessly painful. I'll either end up sticking with OS X or Ubuntu for my primary os, I still can't make up my mind between those two. Sorry Windows 7, but you'll probably get religated to VM status for fixing others' computers.

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RE[4]: If Microsoft is lucky
by dragossh on Thu 16th Apr 2009 16:47 in reply to "RE[3]: If Microsoft is lucky"
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Seriously? Try getting used to that if you're a power keyboard navigator that used to hit windows, p to get into your programs.

Now you press Windows, type the first letter(s) of the application you want to launch and hit Return. I don't see how that is more annoying than trying to find apps in the mess called "All Programs."

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you are upset because the old paradigms do not work.

uhhh... grow up.

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RE[4]: If Microsoft is lucky
by Hae-Yu on Thu 16th Apr 2009 17:59 in reply to "RE[3]: If Microsoft is lucky"
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I agree that the control panel and general settings need serious attention. The last true change was task-based categories which only confused the situation. Windows has .msc's, cpl applets, drivers, apps,... Most offer redundant, overlapping, complimentary (ie could be consolidated), or difficult to discover functions. Just under Administrative Tools, there are 3 msc's to look at the same Services. Vista just shuffled some things around. And a favorite Vista app - the buried Software Explorer - is reportedly gone in 7.

Last year, I tried to map all of the possible configuration options and paths in mature Vista and XP machines, just to understand it. I gave up after a few days. It's not hard, but it's not something that can be memorized or logically followed. The situation is out of control. The Ribbon was introduced because the Office UI was out of control. They redid 7's Taskbar for similar reasoning. If they pick one major thing to do UI-wise in Windows 8, re-engineering system configuration should be high on their list.

Edit: Also, thanks for the mention in the main article. Don't tell my wife that someone thinks I was right about something:) I don't know what it'll do to her worldview.

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