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General Unix Even though the old-world UNIX operating systems, like IRIX and HP-UX, have been steadily losing ground to Linux for a long time now, they do still get updated and improved. HP-UX 11i v3 is supposed to get update 4 tomorrow, with a host of new features that won't excite you if you're used to Linux, but they're still pretty useful for HP-UX users.
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by Delgarde on Thu 16th Apr 2009 21:28 UTC in reply to "RE: THIS NEWS ISN'T ABOUT LINUX"
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The link on it's own isn't much of a demonstration of scalability, since while Linux makes up a huge proportion of those systems, it doesn't distinguish between massively parallel machines versus clusters of cheap hardware.

That said, they're there. Number #3 on the list is an SGI Altix box, apparently running SUSE. Number #6 is a an array of Sun hardware running CentOS. Number #9 is Cray hardware, again running SUSE. All three are massively parallel setups, all with 10000+ cores.

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