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Xfce The Xfce team has released the first bugfix release in the 4.6.x tree of the Gtk+ desktop environment, Xfce 4.6.1. "The first bugfix-release of xfce 4.6 has been released. Thanks to all the people who have been using xfce 4.6 and took the time and effort to submit bugreports for stuff that wasn't quite working the way it is supposed to. We have been able to fix several issues during the past few weeks."
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Comment by DoctorD
by DoctorD on Sun 19th Apr 2009 22:50 UTC
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Fair responses.

Lightweight being a relevant term, I mostly used it for comparing XFCE against desktop environments like Gnome and KDE. There are of course window managers out there that can be considered extremely lightweight (IceWM, fluxbox, etc), but those are a different kind of beast to what I was comparing.

On a related note, I have never personally found a stripped-down tiling WM to be a decent replacement for a full fledged desktop environment. XFCE seems to hit that sweet spot for me, enough substance to be considered a full Desktop Environment, with great tools and interface, yet coded with efficiency and minimalism in mind.

One other really appealing use of XFCE is the ability to run a decent desktop environment on the PS3. Whether you're a fan or not, the cell provides a rather fascinating CPU design to work with... something a bit different then run-of-the-mill x86. However, being a console, it only comes with 256 megs of ram to work with (excluding some tricks which attempt to tap into the extra 256 megs of graphics ram). While Gnome or KDE can be particuarly sluggish on the PS3, XFCE performs rather well and responds beautifully.

The difference can definitely be observed. I find it to be significant. Of course whether or not anyone else does is largely a matter of taste and circumstance.

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