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Oracle and SUN We've been debating the merits of a possible IBM-Sun deal for a while now, and even Sun itself seemed to be in the dark as to if it would be a good idea to be bought by IBM. These debates are now all moot: in a surprise move (at least, I didn't see any speculation about it) Oracle has bought Sun Microsystems, at USD 9.50 a share, which equates to a total of 7.4 billion USD. The news got out through a press release.
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by emilio on Mon 20th Apr 2009 13:22 UTC
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i wonder what will happen with netbeans. oracle has it's jdeveloper which is swing based and pure java technology. they are moving towards eclipse with their latest moves (eclipse enterprise pack for oracle) and it will be very interesting to see how this will end up. i have very negative opinion on oracle developer tools .. in my company we work with oracle forms, designer, reports and jdeveloper. they are all immature, beta quality software. i haven't seen so much instability anywhere: used Visual Studio, Visual Basic 6, Real Basic, Borland, Eclipse, Netbeans. Jdeveloper is the king of instability ! Oracle has probably the best database in the market, but developer tools are pure crap.
i hope opensolaris will profit on this, and java community.
i wish they just give up with jdeveloper, and merge everything with netbeans or eclipse.

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RE: worried
by CmdKewin on Mon 20th Apr 2009 15:03 in reply to "worried"
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I really wished it would, but that's NOT going to happen, according to their own words (asked this same question directly to lead developer...)
The Eclipse Enterprise pack is an interim solution for customers who still use the BEA Workshop suite. Jdev will be the official Oracle development platform for all future releases (and that includes R 13, Oracle Fusion).
Besides, it's still faaaar away in the future. Not even Oracle herself has a date. Latest Oracle Apps server was released 2 years ago, and BEA Weblogic DOESN'T work out-of-thebox (with ADF libs, that is...)
That's why we went with a Webshpere - Custom Eclipse install for all our Java development: far cheaper and available... right now.
And I've yet to see any "big" J2EE oracle app... It's still PL/SQL and Forms for pretty much everyone.

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RE[2]: worried
by emilio on Mon 20th Apr 2009 15:23 in reply to "RE: worried"
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same thing here. everybody talks about jdev and how great it is, but all i can se are those ugly Forms and tons of pl/sql (which i prefer not to use).

i somehow cant imagine websphere being cheaper than oracle solutions.

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